Food News

All great beach vacations are anchored by having fun meals with the people you love to spend time with...


Once we get final counts on the guests that are coming to our beach adventure, we will assign each attendee to a team that will be responsible for either a breakfast, a happy hour or a dinner event during the week.


Each person will be asked to do the following actions for one (1) meal during your stay... the rest of the time, you will be  able to relax and enjoy the culinary creations of the other guests coming to the beach:

Here is what each assigned team is asked to do:

  • Connect with your meal planning team.
  • Plan a menu for the meal you are assigned. Themes and creativity are encouraged
  • Shop for the groceries for that meal.
  • If assigned a happy hour, shop for the drinks, snacks and appetizers.
  • Prepare and serve the meal.
  • Please respect meal service times listed.
  • Clean-up after the meal.
  • Have Fun!!!!


We expect to have 70 people at each meal.


We highly encourage creativty and themes for your meals, particluarly those assigned a happy hour or dinner.


The beach house is equiped with a full kitchen and also has a gas grill.  There is a large pantry and a Butler's Kitchen for meal prep. The large number of guests is something to consider in your menu planning.


There is a bar with seating for 11 and a lounge and rec room off the bar where Happy hour can be hosted.  Additionally, there is a covered deck behind the bar with seating for 16.

The dining room can seat 48 people at three (3) tables (image below) and an addtional nine (9) guests at the kitchen counter.  Deck seating and great room seating spaces are available as well.