What to Pack

Here is a friendly reminder on things to pack to make your time at the beach super fun!


We will ask our guests coming the second half of the week (May 15 to May 18) to bring a set of towels and a set of King Size Sheets and Pillow Cases.  We will ask the guests coming the first half of the week to strip the beds and we will collect their bath towels upon their departure.   Upon arrival, we will ask ythose staying the second part of the week to make your bed and stuff your pillows into your pillow cases.    


We are renting beach chairs, umbrellas and tents to provide seating and shade at the beach.  We have also rented bikes (with helmets) for guests to use while at the beach.


We will bring SpikeBall (1 net) and Kube for the beach.  (Spikeball tournament will be held during the week).


We will make arrangments for a pool volleyball net and volley balls to be available at the house.  (A house volleyball tournament is planned as well).


We encourage all guest to participate in the beach Skit/ Talent show while you are with us.  Please bring your props/ costumes or other "tools of the trade" to show off your talent or perform your skit.


Back by popular demand, we will have the Bob Ross painting kits, canvases and easels for guests to relax and show off their artistic skills.