Meal Assignments

Here are the meal assignments for the Beach Trip.  

We will host a Low Country Boil dinner (with  Shrimp, Crab, Sausage, Corn, Potatoes) we will also have a chicken option served by a private chef on Sunday night.  We will  pass the hat to defray the cost of that meal.

Each guest is asked to prepare one (1) meal during your stay. Those meal assignments are listed above.  We ask that you connect with your meal preparation partners too:


1.  Plan your menu. 

2.  Please email me at with your meal theme so we can ensure we do not have duplication in the week's menu.

3.  We encourage the meal teams planning Happy Hour/ Dinner to pick a theme.

4.  Meal teams will be asked to plan, shop, prepare and clean for your meal.


The attached video link gives a sense of the kitchen preparation space and the dining room space for the meal service.


Contact information has been sent via e-mail to provide the email addresses of those attending so you can make arrangements with your meal team in advance of your arrival to Kill Devil Hills.  Please connect with your teams and send me the meal themes/ menus by April 1, 2024.  I will reach out if any menus are duplicates of others already submitted.  (First come, First Serve)...


Contact information is availalbe on this file:




Meal Assignments And Contact Information
Excel – 30.5 KB 37 downloads